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Couples Therapy 

Our Couples  therapy and Workshops are based on Dr John Gottman 's 40 years research.

He predicts divorce and tells what makes a marriage work.

Our psychologists at The Change Group trained in Gottman Couple Therapy start with the first 3 assessment sessions (one couple and one individual sessions) the couple works on its relationship with specific exercises tailored to its own needs. Counselling Sessions last 90 min. 

Common areas of struggles are: 


-managing a conflict 

-dealing with an affair 

-reconnecting emotionally and physically

Sabine Bouzereau is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy. Click here to make an appointment.

Video about Dr Gottman talking about what makes marriage work and what predicts divorce. Do you know your partner's dream? How is your couple at risk?


Take only one day or 3 evenings to assess where your couple stands.

Are you good at building friendship and accepting influence from your partner?

Do you turn towards each other and build a culture of appreciation?

Do you know how to manage conflict?

Can you stay away from "criticism, defensivness, contempt and stonewalling"?

Learn about what is working well in your couple and what needs repair.

Practice exercises, develop skills and experience right away change in your couple.

Testimonials: "It was great to connect with my partner in a neutral environment in the presence of professionals.

We will take some valuable lessons and try to implement these." 

The Change Group Counselling is a group of psychologists who work with CBT, EMDR, Hypnosis and Gottman Couples Therapy to help you overcome anxiety, depression, burn-out, OCD, PTSD, divorce and help you heal from trauma, losses and affairs.