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Claudia Lardi Robyn, Counsellor (Psychologue clinicienne)

Claudia Lardi Robyn is a Swiss clinical psychologist. After working 3 years in a Memory Clinic (HUG, Geneva) as a neuropsychologist, she worked several years at the University of Geneva, in the Cognitive Psychopathology and Neuropsychology Unit led by Prof. Van der Linden. She obtained in 2011 a degree of PhD in psychology and her studies focused principally on autobiographical memory and the links with the self. 

She conducted her clinical practice in the Consultation for Emotional Disorders (CTE, Geneva), after obtaining a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural psychotherapy. Inspired by her education and professional experience, she strongly believes that each person is unique. Therefore, a psychological intervention need to be plural and integrative, taking into account the cognitive, social, relational and motivational aspects of the individual’s functioning. 

In Singapore, Claudia is volunteering at HOME, an NGO that provides help to the domestic workers victim of abuse, and she holds from April 2018 the role of leader of the counselling team. 

At the Change Group, she receives mainly adults and can conduct therapies in French, Italian and English.

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