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What is a profile?

A personality profile is a psychometric tool that is accurate and reliable.

It is designed to facilitate insights rather than to label.

A profile doesn’t relate to your intelligence or to your ability to perform an activity. It represents the way your prefer to present yourself to the world.

What is Emergenetics®?

Emergenetics® means: what emerges from your genetics.

Behaviors emerge from our life experiences and are driven by the genetics of our heritage. It reflects the fact that we all have unique talents, some of which are learned and others inborn.

Emergenetics® concepts are based on recent brain research. It focuses on individual strengths and contributions. When you take a profile with Emergenetics®, you will get 4 thinking attributes and 3 behavioural attributes, which is very specific of Emergenetics®.

Your profile is presented graphically , it is colourful which makes it very easy to understand and remember.

Tell me more about the colors...

You will have 5 colors all together on your profile.

The Red color tells about your preference to be relational, empathetic, intuitive about people. You certainly learn from others.

The Blue tells about your preference to learn by mental analysis. You then certainly enjoy math, you like solving logical problems and you might be a clear thinker.

The yellow indicates your preference for thinking out of the box. You are intuitive about ideas and you certainly learn by experimenting.

Finally the green color indicates your preference for guidelines and practical thinking. You learn by doing.

The last colors is Lila. It informs you about your 3 behavioral attributes: Expressiveness, Flexibility and Assertiveness.

Why taking an Emergenetics® personality profile within my therapy?

Taking your profile will help you develop some self-understanding. It increases emotional intelligence and personal growth through deeper self understanding. It also improves situational awareness and ability to learn. It can help you to communicate better with your partner, family and organisation.

As a couple or family , it helps you gain awareness of your different personality styles and work on your strengths instead of fighting against them. It helps you improve your communication by understanding where your gridlocks come from.

Why taking my profile with my team and coworkers?

Any workshop participates in teambuilding. An Emergenetics® workshop will create teambuilding but also help you form WEteams™ to maximize creativity and productivity.

It brings:

  • greater understanding of your clients or co-workers
  • better time management
  • better managers who provide individualized climates for each employee
  • better hiring decisions
  • empathic oral and written communication
  • better presentations
  • abiilty to form knowledge communities for problem solving

How long does it take and how does it work?

Taking a profile is very easy. Once you have met with your counsellor you will need to take the profile online, whenever and wherever you want and it will only take you 20 minutes. You will have a complete debrieing and explanation of it with your counsellor afterwards.