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The Change Group Counselling

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Therapy Session                                      50 minutes          190$ (+10$ if paid by Paypal)

Gottman couple therapy                          90 minutes           350$

Skype® Session                                       50 minutes          190$ (+10$ if paid by Paypal)

Emergency out of hours Session             50 minutes          250$ 

Emergency Phone Call                            15 minutes          100$

                                                                 30 minutes          200$

Home/School/hospital visit:                      50 minutes          300$+transportation

Supervision (Skype® or in office)

Clinical Supervision (for peers or coaches) 60 minutes       150$      

EMDR Supervision (for EMDR trainees)     60 minutes        150$       

Group Supervision                                      90 minutes         70$ (min 3 people)

                                                                   120 minutes       90$ (min 3 people)                                    

Gottman Couple Therapy Workshop

One day workshop                                 9am-5pm              500$ per couple  (min 4 couples)        

hald-day workshop                                 9am-12.30pm       350$ par couple (min.3 couples)


Crisis Intervention                                 9am-5pm               2000$        +transportation and expenses

                                                              9am-12.30pm       1000$         +transportation and expenses

Suicide Prevention                                9am-12.30pm        900$               

Emergenetics ® Workshops: Building Teams and Trust/ Conflict and Communication  

Emergenetics® one day workshop         9am-5pm             2500$+100$ per profile  (up to 20 people )

Emergenetics® half-day workshop         9am-12.30-pm     1500$+100$ per profile (up to 20 people)

Mode of Payment

We accept cash and Credit card payment via Paypal online (10$ administrative charge applies). Please go to our Pay Now! page to proceed. Please note that due to too many returned cheques WE DON'T ACCEPT CHEQUES ANYMORE. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment is due at the end of each session. Skype® sessions are due 24 hours before session. Failure to cancel your appointment 24 hours before your appointment will result in being charged for the session. This is a common practice among the counselling profession in Singapore.